Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Living for the weekends

I write this on Tuesday and I'm still a little worn out from Friday and Saturday!  :)  We are incredibly lucky to have found some great people in Brasilia that invite us to do fun things.  I'll be honest; there are a whole lot of pretty weird people that work for the federal government at every level.  We ran into lots of them in DC.  Here, however, there is no shortage of fun young people that are a lot like us.  Already, I feel that we have met some who will be our best friends for our short time here in Brasilia. 

We've found that Brasilia has a great concert scene!  In the last couple weeks, they've hosted Green Day, the Cranberries, Black Eye Peas, and Creedence Clearwater Revival.  Brazilians are crazy for American music!  It is bizarre, as almost none of them speak English.  Sarah and I went to the Black Eye Peas concert on Friday night with four other new friends and had a blast!  It was an outdoor ampitheater and we were basically in the back row.  The benefit of being in the back row was standing right in front of the beer cart. As is often the case, when the beer was flowing, bad caucasian dancing followed!  :)

Saturday night was Bunco night for the ladies, which Sarah opted out of, so the husbands met for a barbeque.  I'm not one to pass up beer and burgers, so I took a taxi over to Lago Sul at around 4:00 and didn't leave until about 2:00am!  I thought I was getting too old for this, but I'm fairly certain I was the youngest one there...  It made for some slow moving guests at the ambassador's house on Sunday for the newcomers lunch.  We do have some pictures to post, however I'm at the embassy today for tennis lessons and (hopefully) language classes so I'm away from our computer.  Today is also the our maid's first day, so I needed to get out of the house. :)  Life's rough down here!

I'm spending some time now updating my resume and filling out the arduous government paperwork for embassy positions.  I need a job!  The posh life of tennis lessons and Friday massages is already starting to get boring.  Most of them, however, require some level of Portuguese.  Although I spent most of the day with my mistress Rosetta Stone yesterday, I still wouldn't claim to have any speaking ability other than "please," "thank you," and "beer."



  1. Ridiculous! I will trade you one day of being fulltime mom and employee for a day of tennis lessons and a massage! Can't wait for more updates!!

  2. hi there, found you via LAJ and will add you to my blog roll. I'm starting A100 in Jan and my husband will be 'trailing spouse' although I don't even know if he's heard that term! Brazil is my dream post so I will enjoy learning about it from you!

  3. I'm sorry Stacy, but I don't accept your offer. :) Bfiles, I wish you and your husband the best! Hopefully we run into each other sometime.