Friday, September 17, 2010

Apartment Pictures!

Yesterday Sarah and I finally found out about our housing in Brasilia.  The Housing Assistant sent us an email detailing the apartment that will probably be ours.  It is about 1500 square feet, with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, den, servant quarters, garage, and, most importantly, 110v outlets!  This means that we don't have to buy lots of adapters or new appliances.  Most Brazilian homes are 220v, however when the USG buys them, they convert them to 110v.  Now I can start buying some of the things we'll need such as dehumidifiers, humidifiers, television, etc.

The apartment looks pretty 50's-esque, so it was likely in the original city plans.  It is only about 3km from the embassy, so it will be great for commuting.  The furniture... is... not the greatest, I guess, but we can ship our stuff there and make it our own.  It's really nothing very elegant or special, but it's definitely plenty big for the three of us!  Abby will finally have her own bedroom again, instead of sleeping in the closet. :)  She was pretty excited when we told her.

We will definitely need visitors with this much space, so start planning your trip! :)  Unfortunately, as exotic and beautiful as Brazil sounds, remember that we are nowhere near a beach.  We are definitely not in a tourist area, but hopefully it will be a fun place to live.

We leave two weeks from tomorrow.  Yikes!  We are frantically trying to pull everything together and take advantage of the ease of medical, eye, and dental care in our short time here along with all the packing and homework. 


  1. Wow! Adam...this is all so very cool. I am excited for you and your beautiful wife. Good luck & God Bless!!!
    Kimberly (Krems) Hill

  2. Excuse me..."servant quarters"....who are you??? Your apartment is bigger than out house! Wish we could come visit!!

  3. Thanks Kim & Stacy! The "servant quarters" aren't really quarters so much as a closet sized room attached to the laundry/service room. :) Come visit!